Benefits of Advanced OCR in PDFs editing 

 September 20, 2022

For over 100 years, OCR has been developed to enhance processes like data-entry automation and indexing documents for search engines, passports, invoices, and number plates.

Many businesses still deal with printed materials despite the clamor for paperless work culture. People often need to find information from the stockpile of documents without going through them manually–which requires some advanced tech to convert these documents to digital documents.

Let’s uncover how advanced OCR tucked in a PDF editor can help you recognize text and make content readable within seconds.

What is advanced OCR?

Advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a time-saving program used to extract and repurpose data from scanned documents, camera images, and images within documents. OCR systems implement hardware and software systems to transform physical, printed documents into recognizable text.

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While OCR scanning programs (hardware) handle copies and reads text, the software takes care of the advanced processing into machine-readable text.

When a computer saves an invoice or receipt as a scanned image, the OCR within a text editor reads the text and makes it searchable.

Advanced OCR doesn’t just convert images to a text document; it allows you to search through the content like a regular PDF or Word file. Anyone can edit, search, or number text in an image file.

Key features of advanced OCR

Advanced OCR is more than just basic text reading and recognition. Here are some features that make OCR exceptional for editing PDFs.

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Editable text

Most people rely on OCR for converting paper or formerly-inaccessible PDFs to editable text. Usually, a single PDF document can contain a mixture of text, images, and tables, and while some part is easily readable, some are not.

Fortunately, advanced OCR is designed to read texts and images of text and interpret them in a machine-readable language. It’s also a relief that OCR software can perform this operation in batches, accelerating the process.


Instead of manually combing through photos, document pages, and plenty of PDFs, OCR software programs let you search through many PDFs of text without hassle. Without any automated tool, it’s quite easy to miss something when searching through a swathe of text.

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Advanced OCR solves this problem by helping you analyze text or images of scanned documents that look alike. It first converts pictures of text into digital formats to make them readable, and then you can index the PDFs and search.

Here’s a fantastic example of how OCR streamlines a user’s search. When you insert a single word in the search panel, the OCR tool outputs documents having that word in the actual content, not just the document titles.


Anyone would appreciate some automation with their manual tasks because it ensures you achieve more in less time. Content management, marketing agencies, and the manufacturing sector have successfully implemented automation to cut labor costs, drive productivity, and lead to an easier workflow.

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PDF optical character recognition contributes to automation by providing an automatic router to select PDF files based on specific information. The scanning process is also automated because it automatically adds all the files you scan as pages to a document. This feature eliminates the hours spent appending images by hand.

In addition, an automated OCR tool can read text from invoices, receipts, and employee expenditures, converting them to organized metadata so they can be easily entered into the database. Another use of this feature is auto-matching card transactions to receipts and invoices, which saves entry time and makes consolidation faster.


One striking application of optical character recognition software is how it makes content readily accessible to visually-impaired users. Matching your workflows with tools that enhance accessibility for all groups of individuals is a brilliant business strategy.

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OCR programs incorporate text-to-speech applications to enable visually-impaired persons to locate PDF documents containing text images. This is especially useful in higher education, where 71% of users surveyed reported that institutional support didn’t match accessibility needs.


Translation software is becoming popular due to the need for international relations in business and corporate workplaces. For many reasons, organizations may need to translate the content within PDFs to communicate across different languages.

With the best OCR programs tools, you can convert text images into a machine-readable format, and then translation software can convert them to the preferred language.


Why do you need OCR?

These are some benefits you’ll notice once you incorporate a PDF tool with advanced OCR.

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Accelerate workflows

Since advanced OCR simplifies back-breaking processing like data entry, manual text searches, and PDF editing, it helps businesses speed up their work process. When you have continuous access to data within split seconds.

Centralize and secure data

Access to advanced OCR allows businesses and organizations to maintain a centralized database for documents. Centralized access to files makes indexation and information easier to locate with simple text searches.

Cloud-based PDF software offers this benefit, helping teams to store, find, and access PDF files on the cloud. Remote storage guarantees the security of files and reduces the risk of security breaches and document loss due to natural disasters.

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Provide up-to-date information

OCR enables you to transform previously-inaccessible files into editable text, which is essential for document changes. Financial statements and employee records often require periodic updates with accuracy, and OCR can enhance how companies achieve this. After converting PDFs to their native file formats, you can make revisions, add changes, and track how others make changes to the files.

How Lumin can help

Advanced OCR is a high-end technology built into Lumin PDF to accelerate how businesses get more work done. Instead of getting a separate optical character recognition app, Lumin users can turn PDF images into editable, searchable text for easier information access.

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Its advanced OCR feature allows you to scan and manage receipts while storing all document knowledge on cloud storage and ensuring PDF protection. Also, Lumin PDF lets users convert PDFs to editable file formats, including PowerPoint presentations and Excel documents.

When you sign up for a Business or Enterprise plan on Lumin, you can use advanced OCR to transform how you manage files. So, give it a try today.

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