Hell’s Kitchen Condominiums – Next Level Luxury 

 December 20, 2020

Hell’s Kitchen is home to some of the most luxurious real estate in Manhattan and is the target neighborhood of many architects and developers aiming to leave their mark on New York City. Being close to Times Square, Broadway (the theater district), Central Park, the Hudson River, Hudson Yards, and Chelsea are just a few of the perks of being located in Hell’s Kitchen condo. Residents of condo buildings and apartment buildings in Hell’s Kitchen enjoy being able to take a quick walk to the subway station, a cab, or even to work without worrying about long commutes in the rain or inclement weather. 

With NYC real estate changing rapidly and becoming even more luxurious than ever before, new construction high-rises in Hell’s Kitchen have offerings to meet the needs of even the pickiest of buyers. Low square foot one-bedroom condos to sprawling three-bedroom condos, custom handmade cabinetry, rooftop decks, penthouse views, well-equipped fitness centers, concierge services, and doormen are just a few of the things that shoppers are demanding when looking for condos and townhomes. That being said, Hell’s Kitchen (Clinton) is one of the absolute best places for condominium buyers to look when hunting for the perfect property.

One of the properties that are doing an exceptionally good job at providing remarkable services and an unmatched product in NYC is The West on 11th Avenue between 47th Street and 48th Street. The visionary architects behind The West, Dutch architects Concrete, have brought a vibrant new environmentally conscious hub of neighborhood life to Hell’s Kitchen.

Luxury Living on a Whole New Level

The West in Hell’s Kitchen, with remarkable views of the glistening Hudson River, offers its residents unbeatable luxury in a revolutionary package. A rooftop resort-style pool, sundeck for tanning and lounging, private cabanas for cooling off in the shade on hot summer afternoons, rooftop dog run/dog park, barbecue and grilling stations, private storage access, pet spa, bike shop, laundromat, study, and office area, as well as a secret garden, guest suites, post office, and private fitness center. 

The West’s private fitness center features a multitude of the finest appointments, from a CrossFit area to keep you in fighting or competing for shape, a free weight room to get you in the strongest shape of your life to go up against Arnold, or the cardio area with treadmills, ellipticals, and assault bikes to make sure that your heart and lungs are as strong enough to fight off any illness that foolishly tries to cross your path.

Whether you are looking to spend a hot summer day lounging on the insanely decked out rooftop hangout space with your friends, family, and dogs while grilling out for company or needing to knock out a week’s worth of laundry in the private laundromat, the developers of The West have not overlooked a single detail. Residents are accustomed to the luxurious lifestyle offered by the property and are able to appreciate the level of freedom it provides them especially when being required to work from home due to citywide lockdown orders and the desire to reduce potential exposure to others who could potentially cause the spread of Covid-19. 

The architectural design of The West ushers in an era of design that pays homage to not only the sleek and technological history of New York City but also to the old school brick and mortar NYC designs that come to people’s mind when they think of 20th century Brooklyn, Midtown Manhattan, or Midtown West. With hand-laid brickwork on the first floors of the building to pay respect to the old style and design that made NYC so iconic. The upper levels of the building, The Cloud Residences, are designed with the clear intention to conjure up memories and fondness of an exciting time in New York’s history when high-rise skyscrapers were piercing the clouds with their sharp corners and angles, towering stature, as well as reflective metallic and glass surfaces.

Hell’s Kitchen Condo Convenience

Having a condominium in Hell’s Kitchen puts you in one of the most prime positions for convenience when it comes to work, travel, play, dining, and adventure. With Ninth Avenue going through the heart of Hell’s Kitchen and connecting the neighborhood to Midtown West and Hudson Yards to the south and the Upper West Side to the north, residents can take a quick trip and be at either destination within minutes. 

Being just a hair’s breadth from Rockefeller Center, Fifth Avenue, the Diamond District, and Hudson Yards means residents can enjoy some of the best shopping in Manhattan before watching the sunset from the top of the Vessel interactive sculpture or High Line linear concept park before heading home to Hell’s Kitchen to grab cocktails at one of the world-famous cocktail bars or pubs that draw visitors from all over New York and New Jersey. 

With the neighborhood being a short cab ride or 20-minute journey away from Penn Station, residents are able to quickly get to any corner of the island, hit the airport and travel across the country (or world), and get home quickly when they return from their travels.

Hell’s Kitchen at a Glance

It is clear to see that the neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen here in Manhattan is a place of innovation. A neighborhood where convention and innovation cross paths and become something totally new for not only the city and its residents to enjoy but the whole world. Architects and developers from around the globe seek out opportunities to bring their visions to life here, and The West located on 11th Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen is a real-world living example of these dreams brought to life in vivid color.

The next time you are looking at condos and homes for sale, be sure to look north of 42nd Street in the neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen for the perfect condominium to suit your style and space needs. With options to suit the most discerning of buyers, you are sure to find your next home somewhere like The West.

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