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Top 8 Flat Fee MLS Companies in Miami That Seasoned Professionals Have Kept Under Wraps 

 March 22, 2022

When you’re in the process of selling your home in Miami, you no longer need to hire the services of a professional real estate company.  If you choose to go the old way, be prepared to shell out 5% to 6% of the transaction price as agent commission fees. 

All due credit goes to the power of technology and its widespread uses which have made peoples’ lives easier.

So much so that 95% of home buyers browse online and an increasing number of sellers are drifting towards unorthodox and less time-consuming methods like flat fee MLS listing services to showcase their houses online directly to consumers. 

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Out of all the different ways created, one of the easier ways to sell your house in Miami is to hire the services of a Flat Fee MLS listing company. 


Not only are they a cheaper alternative, but they also make sure your property sells quickly with the help of their strong network. And with the pace at which the property rates are increasing by the year (they are up by 25%), the sooner you start employing these new-age techniques, the better it is for you.

Why Should You Work With a Flat Fee MLS Listing Company?

Better Technology

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a haven for real estate agents. Only licensed real estate brokers have access to the MLS listing platforms — something that both buyers and sellers crave. 

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This technology also helps in consolidating market data and other performance-based analyses to help you put the right price tag on your home. This is a vital service, but many of the same technologies are now available through flat-fee real estate enterprises.

FSBOs and low-cost sellers can pay a set fee to receive access to the MLS and market data so that they can list, advertise, and sell their homes on their own. 

With discount realty businesses, technology is no longer an impediment to selling a house, and the technology is simple to use for the majority of consumers.

Customer-Centric Approach

You are not bound to an agent’s schedule if you sell your property through a flat-fee real estate firm because you will be performing some or the entire home selling process yourself. 

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You can schedule showings, open houses, and closings as per your convenience whereas the amount of time you wish to spend depends upon how quickly you want things to move in ahead.

You Have More Control

One of the most appealing aspects of flat-fee pricing is that home sellers hold the remote control at all times during the selling process. 

When you sell your home on your own or with limited agent support, you create your own rules, from pricing your home and scheduling showings to deciding if you want an open house and negotiating a price and inspections.

A real estate agent offers significant value to the house selling process, and the vast majority of home sellers continue to rely on them to sell their properties. 

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A flat-fee agency, on the other hand, is a wonderful option for people who wish to keep more money in their pockets. A flat-fee real estate agent is ideal if you only need MLS access or limited agent help.

Cheaper Than Other Methods

One of the primary reasons that home sellers prefer dealing with a flat-fee real estate service is that it’s way more pocket friendly than a full-fledged real estate company. While there is still a fee to be paid, it will be a fraction of the 3-6 % commission that you would otherwise be paying. 

Sure you can try selling your property on your own which would probably cut some more corners when it comes to commissions, selling your home without access to the MLS is not recommended at all though. 

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When you’re paying a Flat Fee MLS company, the broker will provide you with MLS access to help you sell your property faster.

More Flexible Option

When you’re hiring a full-fledged real estate company, the terms and conditions are pretty rigid. Until your house sells, you and your partner are bound by a contract unless unanimously both parties decide that the partnership is no longer in your best interests. 

When it comes to a flat-fee broker, once you pay the amount, you are free to travel whenever you please and the payment structure is offered as per your convenience.

Quicker Sale

Whatever amount of individual attention a real estate agent offers you, the truth is that you will be sharing that agent with others, maybe dozens of people. This means that you have too available on their schedules. 

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When you work with a flat-fee MLS listing company, you often simply pay for the MLS listing and end up selling your house on your own. You may dedicate as much time to the process as you like, and if done right, you can sell your property quickly. There are also fewer persons participating in the bargaining process.

Now that you know why Flat Fee MLS is the most hassle-free way to sell your home, check out these 8 flat fee MLS Miami companies which are genuinely making the process of selling your home hassle-free and were kept under wraps by seasoned professionals for their own agenda. 

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The secret is finally out. 


Houzeo is one of the top Flat fee MLS Miami listing businesses, offering speedy listings and ensuring a smooth procedure when it comes to selling your home.

They permit you to submit your listings in a matter of minutes, and they will be live within one business day. Sellers might save up to $15,000 by hiring a listing agent that does not charge a commission.

The company offers cutting-edge technology. Sellers may submit all of their paperwork online, schedule open houses, and make changes to their listing. The most critical consideration for sellers who use for sale by owner websites is documentation. Houzeo’s brokers have made filing seller disclosures straightforward, and everything is done online.

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Sellers have complete control over the selling process. They can also tailor their plans and keep their costs under control.

Houzeo has a variety of packages to offer sellers. They are:

Bronze: Priced at $249, this bundle includes a three-month flat-fee MLS listing. Sellers can upload up to six photographs. Since Houzeo also lists on sites like Zillow, Trulia, and hundreds of other similar platforms, your property’s visibility will shoot through the roof. Cancellation is possible at any time. However, each change will cost you $25.

Silver: Priced at $299, this bundle includes a 6-month listing with 24 images, synchronized with several websites. With this package, you can make an unlimited number of updates to the listing.

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Gold: Priced at $399, this plan allows you to upload an infinite number of photos, make unlimited listing modifications and cancel them at any time. It also aids in the submission of federal and state disclosures. Furthermore, it aids in the management of showings as well as the analysis and comparison of offers.

Platinum: Priced at $449, with this plan your home will be listed for a year. Aside from all of the services provided by the Gold package, this one additionally provides virtual full-service with a certified broker who will assist with pricing and contract evaluation.

You can check out Houzeo reviews available on various platforms.

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Beycome was founded in 2016 and is based in Miami, Florida. Their selling dashboard includes advanced capabilities such as managing your listing, arranging offers, and scheduling showings. 

Beycome is a technologically advanced organization that makes it simple for property sellers to advertise their home on the MLS Florida as an FSBO, but do they actually provide any savings? 

Their $99 and $299 flat fee MLS Florida packages will save you the listing agent commission, while Beycome’s $499 Concierge plan will cost you 1% of the house sale price at closing (subject to a $999 minimum commission). This ensures that you receive a low-cost real estate listing.

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You can revoke your purchase if you don’t sell or receive at least two offers within 90 days, according to their money-back guarantee. Beycome will also request that you use their title business, according to sellers.


Homecoin’s key selling point as a Miami flat fee MLS listing service is the ingredients in the $95 bundle. When you join up, you’re greeted by a cumbersome online dashboard that makes listing your house a time-consuming operation that can take hours. 

For state-mandated seller disclosures, Homecoin charges a substantial fee ($450). This cost is inevitable since vendors must submit them. 

Homecoin asserted that disclosures are provided for free, however, the evidence they presented was blogs that had recently been updated. There are no free disclosures on the price page. 

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Furthermore, Houzeo-affiliated sellers have sold houses on Homecoin.com, but they were not entitled to seller disclosures and had to pay an extra charge for them.

Furthermore, Homecoin significantly raises the cost of a bunch of services. For instance, yard signs are advertised as being free, however, this is deceptive. They are only accessible when you lease a post, therefore you will not be able to obtain one for free. 

For a $49 service, you’ll wind up spending $97 for a rental yard sign. Furthermore, because the yard signpost is a rental, the responsibility of returning it back in proper condition is bestowed upon you.

Doug Addeo

Douglas Addeo is one of Florida’s top real estate brokers, with over 24 years of expertise assisting For Sale by Owner sellers. He is well-connected with the numerous Realtor boards in Florida, and he delivers excellent service. 

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Doug’s pricing is straightforward. If you choose the Premium package and use Doug’s experience in your transaction, you can be confident that you are working with a qualified and reputable broker.

Jack Keller

Since 1975, Jack Keller, Inc. has provided real estate services in Florida and is one of the few organizations that offer packages for vacant land, multi-family houses, commercial properties, and rental properties. They also offer payment plans that allow you to postpone payment until after you sell (for packages worth more than $99).

While Jack Keller, Inc. receives positive feedback, the most satisfied clients understand the quality of care they will receive. If you require more personalized assistance or have a lot of questions, this may not be the best option for you.

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List Now Realty

List Now Realty, located in Central Florida in Miami comes highly recommended by both seasoned and first-time sellers. The advantage is that the broker himself is available to answer your queries at no extra charge.

Nevertheless, the company only provides one $299 package. Despite the fact that this is the only product available, it is complete. The most important factor for sellers to consider is how they prefer to communicate with buyers. 

List Now Realty takes all buyer calls and presents them with your contact information. If you don’t have time to talk to buyers all day, this could be a smart way to handle queries.

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If it does not meet your requirements, you should look into other options.


HomeLister offers a fixed rate MLS listing for your house on the MLS for up to 6 months, after which you must decide whether or not to renew. They also provide a variety of packages, up to and including their Platinum fee-based program. 

They claim to provide a free service that allows for local MLS listings as well as listings on popular real estate websites such as Zillow and Trulia, but you must pay a flat charge at closing.

You’ll also have to pay a price for additional services, such as professional photography. If you cancel your listing with the firm but sell your home within 6 months, you will be charged a closing fee. The lowest payment to them is $499, and it can go as high as $2599.

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Homekeys is presently only offered to sellers in three counties in South Florida: Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach. They do not provide package deals that include certain services. 

Instead, they have a single flat-price MLS listing for a year and then charge another fee at the closing. There is also a cost if you alter your listing more than five times.

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