Why a 5 Panel Saliva Test is Perfect for Staffing Companies 

 February 5, 2022

Due to the increasing drug and substance abuse cases worldwide, organizations need to vet new employees.  You want to maintain a productive team at all times, and this is only possible if they are free from substance abuse.   No wonder drug testing for your staffing business should be a priority.

Even though there are different drug screening tests to leverage, not many can live up to the promise of a 5-panel saliva test.  And it doesn’t come as a surprise since saliva tests are accurate.  Are you still on the fence on whether to include it in your pre-employment drug testing?  Below are a few reasons that could make you change your mind today. 

  • Cost-Effective 
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How much does a mouth swab drug test cost?  That’s probably the first question in your mind before taking advantage of this drug screening test at your workplace. There is no reason to worry since this drug test will never take a toll on your business finances. It might even come as a surprise to know that you only have to pay around $7-$15 for every test you perform. 

However, never base your drug screening test on this pricing alone since the costs tend to vary based on the panels in the test.  The more drugs you include in the test, the deeper into your pockets you may get.  But with its cost-saving benefit, it is more worthwhile than urine drug tests. 

  • Instant Results 
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Now more than ever, you no longer have to wait a few days before receiving the results of your drug test.  With a 5-panel saliva drug test, you’ll perform the pre-employment drug screening on-site within the shortest possible time.  All it takes is for your employee to swab the inside of their mouth a few times before placing it into the testing vial. 

In short, you no longer contend with downtime while you wait for a lab test and examine the results.  It might take close to five minutes to complete the drug test, saving you a lot of time in the long run. That’s why it is the perfect option when conducting random drug tests in your staffing business.

  • Help Boost Employee Productivity 
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Your staffing business needs to remain productive to stay afloat in this increasingly competitive market.  However, this will forever remain a dream if your employees battle substance and drug addiction.  After all, absenteeism or drug intoxication affects employee productivity in numerous ways.

Rather than turning a blind eye as this happens, make it the norm to perform random testing with mouth swab drug tests and keep your employees on their toes.  When you have this drug-testing program in place, rest assured your employees are less likely to use illicit drugs on the job.

Final Thoughts 

There is more to performing a mouth swab test on your employees than meets the eye.  For accurate results, know where to buy mouth swab drug tests.  The good news is you can never run out of options as long as you know the things to watch out for before making the necessary payments. 

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